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Open hack night followup and Art|Everywhere

Posted by telmnstr

Open hack night on Friday was pretty dead in terms of visitors with the exception of 3 new people that stopped by for a bit. But while it was a quiet night in terms of visitors, it was an active night in terms of projects. Kyle recapped his Rampage World Tour monitor which went from non-working to looking great. The robot arm got some needed attention. Work has started on wiring it up properly. The gecko drives are being mounted with the bigger power supply and cooling. Mike's Silent Scope Hardware Error -11P failure has been corrected. We're working to engineer a repair kit for these machines and put it on the market. Don't think the lab is just about video games, it just happens that a few of them showed up as projects that need highly technical fixes. Others were working on other projects as well.

The lab has been selected as an entrant into Art|Everywhere. Very exciting! So work will begin soon on creating our masterpiece.


Open hack night, Friday March 11th @ 7pm – 11pm

Posted by telmnstr

Once again it's time for an open hack night! Come meet people in the community interested in technology. 7pm till 11pm at 757 Labs. See our website for directions, parking is in the rear.

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Open hack night, Saturday, December 18, 2010

Posted by markg

We are having an open hack night on Saturday, December 18, 2010. It will last from the afternoon, well into the night. Everyone is welcome -- bring a friend!

For new visitors: we are located at the corner of Bute & Duke streets in Norfolk, VA. Free parking is located behind the building, and there is also a city parking garage across the street (the York Street Garage) which has paid parking.

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Open hack night follow-up

Posted by telmnstr

Open hack night was another success. Vex was working on the laser engraver controller. Matt made some great progress with the laser-driven pong game (should be able to do a large building game of pong when this is done) and some other projects were going on. New people visited, new project ideas were formed, and we march on!

Oh yea, it looks like the lab is getting a donation from a friend. An industrial robot arm. The real deal. Trying to source some needed components. More news on this in the very very near future. It's insanely cool.

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Open hack night, tonight (Fri), 8pm till 12pm

Posted by telmnstr

Another open lab night is going on tonight from 8pm till 12pm.

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Open lab night, Saturday. 4PM till whenever.

Posted by telmnstr

Lab opens at 4pm till whenever. Open hack night. Project discussion, work being done, perhaps board games. More details on the mailing list. Will echo to Facebook.


Fri Sept 10th, Open Lab Hack Night 8pm till

Posted by telmnstr

Another open lab night is happening Friday, starting at 8pm. Not sure which projects will be getting attention but it's fun as always (everyone is welcome to attend.) It should be open until midnight.

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Open Lab, Fri Sept 3rd after 9:15pm

Posted by telmnstr

Just a heads up, lab will be open (assuming it doesn't flood too bad) Friday September 3rd after 9:15pm. This is after the 2600 meeting that takes place in Virginia Beach.

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Open hack night Friday night (Aug 27th), 8pm till…

Posted by telmnstr

I think I've got the energy to be at the lab and handle an open hack night from 8pm till whenever. So doors will be open! Maybe we will play a documentary or two, and mentally prepare for the high altitude balloon launch going down on Saturday. See you there!

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“Get Lamp” Screening, C64 and more

Posted by Toxicboy

If you missed the "Get Lamp" Screening on Friday, you missed a good time.

The labs got in full swing around 9:30 and saw a lot of general conversation and general hacking.

Harold continues to push the 757 Labs in Space project forward, and Friday saw a lot of soldering, testing and the intermittent sounds of the life-support like de-soldering machine.

Vex brought in Commodore 64 with a couple of floppy drives which worked like a champ after he discovered a decidedly non-enduser mod to enabling them.  We had a random assortment of software, including one title which you would have had to be a REALLY desperate man to ever play. Are those Mom jeans?

We had a few new people around which is always good to see and remember anyone is welcome to come and hang out.

Of course we screened the documentary Get Lamp: The Text Adventure Documentary which was a pretty interesting look into the early life of INFOCOM and the world of Interactive fiction.

Look for some pictures soon.