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TV Repair Presentation with Ethan 2/28/2012 @ 7:00PM

Posted by Beau

Ethan will be doing a presentation and hands on overview of how he generally goes about diagnosing and repairing the flat panel TVs that come into the lab. Pretty much a brain dump, sharing what he knows and how he does this.


When: February 28, 2012

Time: 7:00PM EST

Where: 757 Labs, 233 W. Bute Street Norfolk, VA 23510

Background on tonights project: Recently, Matt donated a 42" plasma TV that had failed, and it will be our subject for this presentation. Ethan will be reviewing this cold, meaning that he has not looked inside the TV or pre-checked anything out  other than confirming the service manual can be found on the inter-web. Ethan will cover both Plasma and LCD sets. While the one we will be looking at is a plasma TV.

Note: According to Ethan: It's not a profession, it's a hobby. My score so far: 5 wins, 2 losses. But 1 win is now a loss, but it could be a win again?  So it may be something simple or maybe more complex, come and join us.

We will try to record this and if its usable will distribute at a later time/date.



December update!

Posted by telmnstr

It's been a good while since there has been a post on the blog. For anyone that doesn't know, there is a mailing list with a link over on the right side of the 757labs.org page where you can sign up for a mailing list. The mailing list allows people to post as well as read, bi-directionally.

757Labs has an interim board, and investigation is being done into 501(c)3 status.

There is a high probability that 757Labs will be moving to a different space in the same building. The space is smaller, but it will allow us to focus better. It will be a good move.

Microcontroller Mondays (every Monday, 7pm) continue to amaze. From introductory simple projects to demonstrations of quad-copters, it's been amazing.

Open hack nights continue to be great social events. Meet those into technology in the area.

Some members of 757Labs are working on an event for next year that is posed to be pretty epic. More details after the paperwork is signed.

Various members are working on a number of projects. Members have a key role at MAGFest, the Music and Gaming festival in Maryland on January 5th through 8th. There is also a project to be unveiled at Shmoocon in Washington DC. There is some upcoming involvement with another project that should be at PAX East in Boston. There are some other secret projects that could be huge. Once we clear the new year we hope to start posting some videos of what is going on. So hang in there!


Fabric Hack Recap

Posted by telmnstr

The first ever monthly Fabric Hack meeting was a success. Several attendees worked on getting two sewing machines up and running. Being the first and introductory, the future looks good for this group. Please feel free to attend the next one! They are open to all.

On another note, if anyone knows of a multi-needle single head commercial embroidery machine that is available cheap that needs repair (electronic repair), please drop us a line. We'd like to add this to the range of tools available at the lab.



757 Labs Fabric Hack – Wed. Nov. 9, 6pm – 10pm

Posted by telmnstr

The first ever fabric hacking meeting at 757 Labs happens Wednesday, November 9th. The lab has had a sewing machine since near it's beginning and it's finally going to get some use! Come join at this public get together.

When: Wednesday, November 9th, 6pm to 10pm EST.
Where: 757 Labs, 233 W. Bute Street, Norfolk, Virginia.

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Microcontroller Mondays – Tonight – 7pm till 11pm

Posted by telmnstr

Heads up that tonight is the 3rd edition of the weekly Micro-controller Mondays at 757 Labs.

7PM until 11PM.

Bring your project, idea or come to learn!

AVR, Arduino, TI MSP, HC11, PIC, Xilinx, Altera, whatever!


Hack the Whole Weekend

Posted by markg

Friday, Oct. 21: Open Hack Night
Saturday, Oct. 22: LAN party
Sunday, Oct. 23: Comic & Cartoon Creators
Monday, Oct. 24: Microcontroller Monday

Ready to get your geek on for a whole weekend? Come out to the lab and join in an event! Or join all the events!

We begin Friday with our monthly open house, or "Open Hack Night". This is a great opportunity to see the lab for the first time and take a tour. It's a very casual atmosphere where you can shoulder-surf members actively working on projects or just chill and discuss ideas. Sometimes there is a loosely-coordinated dinner/drinks outing to somewhere along nearby Granby Street. A few people might even start setting up for the next day's gaming event, which is...

Saturday is the LAN party, which usually begins around 1 PM, but may have even began the night before. BYOC (bring your own computer) and try to do all your downloading and patching at home before joining in on the festivities. Team Fortress 2 is the most popular game, especially since it's free, though other games are certainly welcome -- Diablo, Minecraft, Quake, you name it.

Feeling creative? 3 PM Sunday is the 757 Comic and Cartoon Creators meeting. Bring something to draw with.

And just when you think the weekend is over, it's Microcontroller Monday! Beginning at 7 PM, discussions will focus on everything microcontroller-related; from hardware to software. Beginners and advanced users are both welcome.


Open Hack Night – Tonight (Friday) – 7PM until 11PM

Posted by telmnstr

Just a heads up that tonight there is an open hack night from 7pm until 11pm at 757 Labs!

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Open Hack Night with Chad (6.17.11)

Posted by cyberflux

Last Friday night there was a good showing of visitors to the Lab. One of the projects getting a lot of attention was Beau's Maker Bot "Thing-o-Matic." Others showed up to meet up with fellow members and have a good time talking around the meeting area.

Inverse Phase stops by during Open Hack Night with Chad. Good showing by members and visitors!

Inverse Phase (Brendan Becker) and company look over towards the Maker Bot as it creates a bottle opener. Intriguing discussions of creation possibilities, designing models, and future plans of the 3D printer continue.

Inverse Phase demonstrating Chiptunes Tracking to Dave.

Dave checks out the music tracking software Brendan is using in Ubuntu. A few demonstrations of white noise generation, Nintendo audio chip wave forms, and quick editing skills produces a recognizable tune in no time.

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Weekend in Review

Posted by telmnstr

A few things from the weekend. With pictures, as promised!

Beau brought the MakerBot to life. It's a very impressive design. Calibration process is going on:


Christopher worked on building a custom amplifier and speaker cabinet. It will house the tube amplifier he already made. A mini stack design:


The microcontroller code finally works for the laser pong game for the upcoming Art|Everywhere closing night. Harold contributed hardware-wise, Ethan some hardware and software, and Matt software.


Other stuff:

David dabbled with JSON calls to XBMC running on an Apple TV that will be running a screen up near the front window of the lab. Dave worked on repair of a chicken toy for a friend. Mike was working on monitor stands for his LCDs. Just a few items that was going on.

CNC router table was disassembled. Ethan wants to re-do it in T-slot once some surplus T-slot can be sourced.

Open Hack Night this Friday (June 17th)

MakerFaire NC on Saturday (June 18th)


Open Lab Tonight, Friday, 7pm till 11pm

Posted by telmnstr

There will be people around the hackerspace working on projects this evening from 7pm till 11pm or later. Open to the public so feel free to drop in!