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CNC parts, Video, TF2 lanparty, ROV

Posted by telmnstr

ROV (underwater remote operated vehicle) project is underway. Check out the mailing list for more information.

CNC routing mill parts have arrived. The 60" axis and 35" axis parts should be ready to be built out.

Vex is working on the laser engraver controller.

There is talk of a TF2 lan party. Ping Mark G if interested!

New video recording system parts are mostly in. Still waiting on a few connectors and the final cameras. Will be programming the AMX for it this weekend.

Skillcrane is rocking (www.rocktheskillcrane.com.) It did close to 1000 plays yesterday.


Skillcrane is back in it’s glory!

Posted by telmnstr

The internet connected skillcrane is back, complete with full time internet video feed and player overlays. There is still a few small tweaks coming, but it's been running flawless (and non-stop) for a 4+ hours now.

I'm planning to make it so that when meetings are going on, the crane automagically goes administratively offline with a notice to users to return in a few hours.