757 Labs A Hackerspace in Hampton Roads, Virginia.


There are several ways to contact 757 Labs!

First and foremost is the public mailing list. Anyone can join and participate in discussion about various lab related and project related topics on the mailing list. You can sign up using the Mailinglist link on the 757 Labs homepage located on the right hand side.

Second, there is a public IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel called #hackerspace on irc.757.org. Note, you may have to be patient to get a response in the channel as people are around at different times.

Third, drop us an email:

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  1. Guys,

    Need your help. I talked to you at MadExpo. Love what you are doing.

    I’d like to invite the Atlanta group analogous to yours to http://www.remixsouth.com but I have no contacts. Can you help me out?

    James Ashley

  2. At the June MakeFaire in Raleigh, You were displaying a 8X8X8 LED cube. Is there a place where I could find the plans to attempt this project? I would greatly appreciate any information.

    Thank you,

  3. Having trouble getting a location on the comic creators… any suggestions? – Jeanna

  4. Hey Ethan, It is Heather, Walcy’s girlfriend. Not to bother you, but he was supposed to get in on a flight at 7:30 and I have not heard from him and cannot get him on the phone. If you hear from him, can you tell him to call me please? Thanks!

  5. Hi Jeanna. You can find more about 757 Comic & Cartoon Creators at our meetup page: http://meetup.com/757ccc (we also have a long-neglected page at 757ccc.org).

  6. Do I have to wait for an open night to join and start meeting everybody/working or can I pay my dues and get involved sooner? I was involved with Hack.RVA but recently moved. Interests include:
    Music (soft and hardware synthesis)
    LED solutions for mtn biking and nocturnal kayaking.
    and other passing fancies.

    • Really we just want people to come hang out and hack with us a little before joining as it gives both us and new members a chance to get acquainted. The easiest way to do that is at an open night or one of the various meetups that meets at the lab as there will definitely be members around. That being said if you just want to stop by and say hi when you see someone in please feel free! If you can try to make an effort to say hi to Ethan as he’s the guy to talk to about joining.

  7. Hi I’m doing a essay paper for college I go to tncc in Hampton and I wanted to talk to one of you about what u do nd observe what you do if u can. Can u give me a contact number I can reach u at

    • The lab’s Google Voice number will ring my phone (and maybe a few others?) if you need to talk in person. The best bet for setting up a time to come hang out would be the mailing list though which is easy enough to join. Also Open Hack Nights (3rd friday of every month) are a great place to see a lot of people working on projects.

  8. I am interested in starting a Hackerspace and/or 2600 in the Richmond/Fort Lee area, any contacts, thx

    • There is a #va2600 channel on irc.2600.net that has some random people from Virginia. I don’t know of a Richmond 2600 meeting, although there is a hackerspace in Richmond called hack.rva. The Richmond hackerspace IRC channel is on irc.freenode.org in #hackrva I believe.

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