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Hack the Whole Weekend

Posted by markg

Friday, Oct. 21: Open Hack Night
Saturday, Oct. 22: LAN party
Sunday, Oct. 23: Comic & Cartoon Creators
Monday, Oct. 24: Microcontroller Monday

Ready to get your geek on for a whole weekend? Come out to the lab and join in an event! Or join all the events!

We begin Friday with our monthly open house, or "Open Hack Night". This is a great opportunity to see the lab for the first time and take a tour. It's a very casual atmosphere where you can shoulder-surf members actively working on projects or just chill and discuss ideas. Sometimes there is a loosely-coordinated dinner/drinks outing to somewhere along nearby Granby Street. A few people might even start setting up for the next day's gaming event, which is...

Saturday is the LAN party, which usually begins around 1 PM, but may have even began the night before. BYOC (bring your own computer) and try to do all your downloading and patching at home before joining in on the festivities. Team Fortress 2 is the most popular game, especially since it's free, though other games are certainly welcome -- Diablo, Minecraft, Quake, you name it.

Feeling creative? 3 PM Sunday is the 757 Comic and Cartoon Creators meeting. Bring something to draw with.

And just when you think the weekend is over, it's Microcontroller Monday! Beginning at 7 PM, discussions will focus on everything microcontroller-related; from hardware to software. Beginners and advanced users are both welcome.


Non-Lab Meetup and Event Calendars

Posted by skhisma

We've had a calendar of lab-related events and meetups running for ages now (it's right over there -->) but figured it would be a good idea to put together another calendar for local events not hosted at the lab. So we're sharing a second Google calendar with anything we can think of locally that might be of interest to our members and the local hacker and maker communities.

Thanks to HR Geeks for having a great list of local meetup groups to get us started. If you run a local event that's not listed here please contact us (757labs@gmail.com) and we'll get it added.


Objective C / Cocoa Programming Group

Posted by skhisma

757 Objective C and Cocoa Programming Group Logo

We're excited to announce the reformation of the Objective C and Cocoa programming group that will be meeting here at the Lab. Their first meetup will be tomorrow, March 8th at 6:30. Come out and meet some local OS X and iOS developers.

Also be sure to come out Wednesday the 9th for the 757.rb meetup where the topic will be managing application assets with Paperclip, S3, and ImageMagick given by Mike Buckbee as well as a review of what's new in Rails 3.1 given by Ken Collins.