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Samsung 226BW / GH22WS LCD monitor fix

Posted by telmnstr

Over the weekend George brought by a Samsung LCD monitor that was having issues. The screen backlight would flicker somewhat fast. It looked like the CCFL back light tubes were failing on the monitor, or something was up with the inverter. Upon further inspection it was common bad caps issue. So if you have one of these, you're going to want two 820uF 25V caps and a 330uF 25V cap. You can see the bulging ones inside. C110 and C112 are two of them, the other is in between. I seem to recall similar issues with a different model Samsung that was donated to the lab, perhaps the power supply boards are the same. Faulty components from the manufacturer led to this issue.

Bad capz

Good Capz


Samsung Syncmaster 203B fix

Posted by telmnstr

Another dead LCD graciously donated by Mark G, and fixed!

Symptoms: Powers on for a brief second then goes off again. Will not power on.

Fix: A few 820uf caps are bad (normal bad caps issue) as well as possibly a 330uf. Couldn't find them locally, replaced 820uf caps with 1000uf, and replaced the 330uf with one of similar value. Seems to work fine. YMMV.

This is now the labs nicest LCD monitor!

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