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Open hack night Friday night (Aug 27th), 8pm till…

I think I've got the energy to be at the lab and handle an open hack night from 8pm till whenever. So doors will be open! Maybe we will play a documentary or two, and mentally prepare for the high altitude balloon launch going down on Saturday. See you there!

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  1. Awesome- i meet with the HRGEEKS in VB sometimes. I am a robotix and CAD instructor. I will try to be there for your next meeting on Bute this Friday; check out my blog to see the stuff we do.


  2. Stumbled on this site; i meet with HR GEEKS sometimes in VB, but i will definately be there this Friday to check it out. I am a robotix and CAD isntructor.

    This is my site to see the some of things we do:


  3. comments not working =-\

    or i just commented 5 times =-\

    either way, see ya’ll Friday

  4. Definitely planning on being there. Just gotta swing by the house to pick up a Jameco order i’ve been waiting on all week. Gonna work on the balloon tracker and the breathalyzer!

  5. @CADJEDI Hey, sorry your comments weren’t getting posted! Our spam filter got a little carried away and decided to take it out on you. Sorry about that! Hope to see you at the hack night tonight!

  6. sry I wasn’t there; didn’t want to show up uninvited =-]

    I’ll keep checking for the next eventttttttt


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