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24-Hour Comics Day Time-Lapse

Posted by skhisma

We decided to record a time-lapse video during the 24-Hour Comics Day event, here are the results.

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What’s New

Posted by telmnstr

The 24 hour comics day was a success! It got a writeup in the Virginia Pilot (see media coverage in the wiki for the link.) Time lapse video coming soon. Thanks Mike.

There have been some great furniture upgrades at the lab. It's been ticked up a notch, for sure.

A/V streaming and recording of presenters/meetings is close! Wednesday's Ruby group meeting should be the first one live.

UAV and ROV projects have kicked off! Look for the mailing lists dedicated to each.

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24 hour comics day this weekend

Posted by telmnstr

Heads up everyone, 757 Labs is the only site in Virginia hosting a 24 hour comics day! See www.24hourcomicsday.com for more info on the event. Participants write 24 pages of comics in 24 hours. It starts Saturday at noon and runs until Sunday. Big thanks to Mike B. for putting this together, and Local Heros for a sponsorship of it!

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