757 Labs A Hackerspace in Hampton Roads, Virginia.


Fri Sept 10th, Open Lab Hack Night 8pm till

Another open lab night is happening Friday, starting at 8pm. Not sure which projects will be getting attention but it's fun as always (everyone is welcome to attend.) It should be open until midnight.

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  1. What is the address for the Open Hack Night on Hampton Road?

  2. Sorry I didn’t make it there- I’ll look out for the next one.

  3. All I would say is that this model has a fantastic picture and excellent sound.It looks good with its slim surround. Straightforward set up (although the batteries in mine were duds-luckily I had spares for the remote). Decided it justified a new stand which arrived today-that is just brilliant as well. At under L50 I think this was a bargain. Top marks to Amazon;both items are first class and deliveries were made exactly as advised.

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