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TV Repair Presentation with Ethan 2/28/2012 @ 7:00PM

Posted by Beau

Ethan will be doing a presentation and hands on overview of how he generally goes about diagnosing and repairing the flat panel TVs that come into the lab. Pretty much a brain dump, sharing what he knows and how he does this.


When: February 28, 2012

Time: 7:00PM EST

Where: 757 Labs, 233 W. Bute Street Norfolk, VA 23510

Background on tonights project: Recently, Matt donated a 42" plasma TV that had failed, and it will be our subject for this presentation. Ethan will be reviewing this cold, meaning that he has not looked inside the TV or pre-checked anything out  other than confirming the service manual can be found on the inter-web. Ethan will cover both Plasma and LCD sets. While the one we will be looking at is a plasma TV.

Note: According to Ethan: It's not a profession, it's a hobby. My score so far: 5 wins, 2 losses. But 1 win is now a loss, but it could be a win again?  So it may be something simple or maybe more complex, come and join us.

We will try to record this and if its usable will distribute at a later time/date.



CNC parts, Video, TF2 lanparty, ROV

Posted by telmnstr

ROV (underwater remote operated vehicle) project is underway. Check out the mailing list for more information.

CNC routing mill parts have arrived. The 60" axis and 35" axis parts should be ready to be built out.

Vex is working on the laser engraver controller.

There is talk of a TF2 lan party. Ping Mark G if interested!

New video recording system parts are mostly in. Still waiting on a few connectors and the final cameras. Will be programming the AMX for it this weekend.

Skillcrane is rocking (www.rocktheskillcrane.com.) It did close to 1000 plays yesterday.


What’s New

Posted by telmnstr

The 24 hour comics day was a success! It got a writeup in the Virginia Pilot (see media coverage in the wiki for the link.) Time lapse video coming soon. Thanks Mike.

There have been some great furniture upgrades at the lab. It's been ticked up a notch, for sure.

A/V streaming and recording of presenters/meetings is close! Wednesday's Ruby group meeting should be the first one live.

UAV and ROV projects have kicked off! Look for the mailing lists dedicated to each.

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