757 Labs A Hackerspace in Hampton Roads, Virginia.


“Get Lamp” Screening, C64 and more

If you missed the "Get Lamp" Screening on Friday, you missed a good time.

The labs got in full swing around 9:30 and saw a lot of general conversation and general hacking.

Harold continues to push the 757 Labs in Space project forward, and Friday saw a lot of soldering, testing and the intermittent sounds of the life-support like de-soldering machine.

Vex brought in Commodore 64 with a couple of floppy drives which worked like a champ after he discovered a decidedly non-enduser mod to enabling them.  We had a random assortment of software, including one title which you would have had to be a REALLY desperate man to ever play. Are those Mom jeans?

We had a few new people around which is always good to see and remember anyone is welcome to come and hang out.

Of course we screened the documentary Get Lamp: The Text Adventure Documentary which was a pretty interesting look into the early life of INFOCOM and the world of Interactive fiction.

Look for some pictures soon.

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