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757Labs Android Users + Developers Group

Posted by cyberflux

We will have a first time meeting of an Androids Users + Developers Group on Monday, June 27th starting around 7pm. As a starter it will be an open discussion for introductions and individual interests in the platform. Some basics of the system will be covered and topics may include current marketplace applications, interface useability, present and future hardware releases, phone manufacturer complaints, carrier dependencies, and development approaches. See you there!

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757 Python Meetup Rejuvinated

Posted by telmnstr

Just when it seemed the 757 Python Meetup group had declined like the popularity of Perl, a bunch of people showed up! Motivated, excited, and ready to present.

So the Python group seems like it's in swing again! Next meetup is Wednesday the 15th. RSVP at the meetup group site.

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Objective C / Cocoa Programming Group

Posted by skhisma

757 Objective C and Cocoa Programming Group Logo

We're excited to announce the reformation of the Objective C and Cocoa programming group that will be meeting here at the Lab. Their first meetup will be tomorrow, March 8th at 6:30. Come out and meet some local OS X and iOS developers.

Also be sure to come out Wednesday the 9th for the 757.rb meetup where the topic will be managing application assets with Paperclip, S3, and ImageMagick given by Mike Buckbee as well as a review of what's new in Rails 3.1 given by Ken Collins.


Events for Saturday, March 5, 2011

Posted by markg

Mario with a soldering iron.

Here are two events scheduled to be held at the lab on Saturday, March 5, 2011:

2:00 PM EST - basic soldering class by Harold; bring eye protection and something to solder

in Harold's words:

Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 19:30:14 -0500
Subject: [757labs] Class this Saturday

I finally decided to dive in and become the experimental pig for the first class!  Well at least the first "hardware" related class.

This Saturday, at 2:00 PM, I plan on holding a Basic Soldering Class for anyone who wishes to show up at the Lab.  With that said, if for some strange reason we are swamped, I must give preference for room to current Lab Members.  That is only fair to them.  I doubt we will run out of room, so please show up if you want!

The game plan is to have the herd assembled by 2 PM and the actual start time might be 15 or so minute later.  The one thing that would be nice is to have a list of who all plans on showing up so I can have a roster to know when it is time to start.  I won't wait all day and plan on letting 2:15 PM being the delayed start time.

For anyone who wishes to attend please bring the following if you have it:

1.  Your soldering iron, station, whatever you currently use.   PLEASE DO NOT RUN OUT AND BUY SOMETHING!!! Unless you really want to. There are the good bad and ugly types of irons to waste money on.

2.  Hand Tools.  Most soldering hand tools could be classified as side cutter diagonals or regular diagonals if you don't have those.  A straight pick, tweezers, any heat shrinks etc..  Again, don't run out and buy stuff if you don't have it already.

3.  Safety glasses.  I am not going to demand that anyone wears a pair; however, if you do not wear any type of glasses normally ... I suggest getting a cheap pair.  Remember, solder is molten metal.  Your eyes do not like it.  Burns to your skin are one thing ... burns to your eyes are something you more than likely wont recover from.

4.  If you have any type of circuit kits or solder breadboards etc.. that you would like to work on, please bring them.  If you don't have anything, please try to snag a cheap one from Radio Shack to play with. Also, if you have some old components like resistors etc.. drag them along so you can have something to solder on.

5.  Solder.  If you have your own type that you are used to working with bring it.  If not, I should have plenty for everyone to play with.

6.  Solder wick / Solder sucker.  This is something that would be nice to have, but it is not required.  We can pass around what we have.

7.  If you have a board vise or any other sort of device that you use to hold circuit cards etc.. that would make life easier on you.  If not, we will do it old school.

The objective to the course is not to turn everyone into a uber solder dude but to at least give you some insight and hands on experience to allow you to enhance your current skill set.  Since I just decided to get stupid and give a class (oh joy!) I don't really have a course written up so please handle the lack of continuity and we will all get through it.

Register for Learn to Solder Class in Norfolk, VA  on Eventbrite

8:00 PM EST - game development meeting by Matt (cyberflux); bring your ideas

in Matt's words:

Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 19:20:12 -0500
Subject: [757labs] Game Developers Team (March 5)

I am looking to have a game.dev meeting this Saturday for those interested in creating games at the Lab. Those who are interested feel free to show up sometime around 8pm or so, but I should be there earlier. Currently I am loading services on an older dual Xeon 2 server that will host development environments for Net applications. There is currently no defined hardware for the group so there is flexibility in what platform to go with, however most have been looking at diving into the mobile device market. Any input prior to the gathering is welcomed.

Hope to see some people there! Cheers!


Ruby/Python meetup videos

Posted by telmnstr

We recorded the last Ruby meetup, and it's on Vimeo for those interested. We recorded a most excellent presentation by Jeremy Demar about pcap processing with python, and unfortunately something went wrong and there is no audio. We've got things down to a science now, and in the future there should be many more presentations from the lab.

757.rb Ruby Group December 2010 presentation. Tips for optimizing development environment (GIT) presented by Ken Collins from 757Labs on Vimeo.

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757 Labs at TEDxNASA

Posted by markg

from NASA's website
Thousands Show that TEDxNASA Matters by Denise Lineberry - Oct. 5, 2010
"In another area of the lobby, Ethan O’Toole, a former robotics mentor and Langley employee, circled up with members of 757 labs, a club of Information Technology professionals."

More info on this annual, one-day conference: http://tedxnasa.com/matters/

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Members-Only Cookout

Posted by markg

The members-only cookout was a success! And by success, I mean, we managed to not burn-down anything.

The lab now has its own mini-grill, so we can look forward to future cookouts. The next one will probably in a few weeks, on a Saturday in the late afternoon. Also being planned is a LAN party, probably featuring Team Fortress 2, and possibly open to a small number of guests / non-members.


First recorded presentation goes live

Posted by telmnstr

The first recorded presentation at 757 Labs has been posted to YouTube. A short talk on jUnit (Java Unit Testing) by Geoff from HRGeeks. The recording quality should be seen as a test. New (but used) cameras are being added at this moment as well as a direct feed from the projector into the video switching system. The new (but used) cameras can store positions in them and be commanded under computer control. It's a glimpse of what is to come and should give the lab a great capability.

Also, we've made improvements to the audio setup and will be testing settings with regards to better encoding of the videos for youtube and other free distribution.

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757.rb Learn to Program #1 a success!

Posted by telmnstr

On Sept 08th the 757.rb Ruby Meetup Group met at the lab for an introduction to Ruby programming. Attendance hit at least 23 people, and the presentation was good. Thanks to all for coming out, and thanks to Ken Collins for putting it together!

The next 757.rb meet up (in a month) will detail actually writing applications in Ruby.


757.rb Meetup Group

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757.rb Ruby Group on Wed: Using ActiveMerchant for Fun and Profit

Posted by telmnstr

Just a heads up that the 757.rb Ruby group is meeting on Wednesday, Aug 11th at 6PM with a presentation "Using ActiveMerchant for Fun and Profit" presented by Nathaniel Talbott.

To RSVP and for more information, visit the 757.rb meetup group page here:

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