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First recorded presentation goes live

The first recorded presentation at 757 Labs has been posted to YouTube. A short talk on jUnit (Java Unit Testing) by Geoff from HRGeeks. The recording quality should be seen as a test. New (but used) cameras are being added at this moment as well as a direct feed from the projector into the video switching system. The new (but used) cameras can store positions in them and be commanded under computer control. It's a glimpse of what is to come and should give the lab a great capability.

Also, we've made improvements to the audio setup and will be testing settings with regards to better encoding of the videos for youtube and other free distribution.

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  1. Yes, the audio is painful.

    On a related note, there’s obviously no audience mic, so please remind presenters to repeat questions for the benefit of the recording.

  2. I need to sit in on some of thes sessions to ensure your teaching styles are appropriate to the audiences =-]

  3. @CADJEDI: You should come give a talk or two! The topic can really be pretty much anything.

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