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Ruby/Python meetup videos

We recorded the last Ruby meetup, and it's on Vimeo for those interested. We recorded a most excellent presentation by Jeremy Demar about pcap processing with python, and unfortunately something went wrong and there is no audio. We've got things down to a science now, and in the future there should be many more presentations from the lab.

757.rb Ruby Group December 2010 presentation. Tips for optimizing development environment (GIT) presented by Ken Collins from 757Labs on Vimeo.

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  1. I think we need to get a feed directly from the front input so we can see the slides at better-than-VHS quality. :(

  2. It is directly from the front. The pcap presentation came out much better because the slides had some contrast to them and weren’t really small fonts. I’m going to upload the pcap one this week even though it doesn’t have audio, just for reference.

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