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757Labs Android Users + Developers Group

We will have a first time meeting of an Androids Users + Developers Group on Monday, June 27th starting around 7pm. As a starter it will be an open discussion for introductions and individual interests in the platform. Some basics of the system will be covered and topics may include current marketplace applications, interface useability, present and future hardware releases, phone manufacturer complaints, carrier dependencies, and development approaches. See you there!

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  1. Do you mean Monday, June 27th?
    Is this a new user group open to everybody, or just for lab folks?

    • My bad, fixed the month. It’s for whoever wants to come out, member or not. The intention is for those who want to learn more or share experiences about the Android as users or developers.

  2. i may have reefered a guy to this group thats into droid dev. his name is Kurt; he might show up there. not sure.

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