757 Labs A Hackerspace in Hampton Roads, Virginia.


Open Hack Night – Tonight (Friday) – 7PM until 11PM

Just a heads up that tonight there is an open hack night from 7pm until 11pm at 757 Labs!

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  1. Can you all use castoff equipment? Old monitors, boom boxes, sort-of-working game remotes…various other electronics? If so, would I just drop the stuff off at the space?

      • Open Hack Nights are usually held the 3rd Friday of each month, and run from 7 PM to 11 PM. For other times to visit, feel free to contact a lab member to arrange a tour. Or randomly stop by and say hi — there are usually members hanging-out at the lab all weekend long, and even on nights throughout the week.

    • Yes, but it depends. Best to check with Ethan first, since he often has to dispose of the old equipment. We’ve become more selective as the lab has accumulated so much stuff, so old CRT monitors and big server computer cases are not needed, but some gaming accessories and hardware might be.

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