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Samsung 226BW / GH22WS LCD monitor fix

Over the weekend George brought by a Samsung LCD monitor that was having issues. The screen backlight would flicker somewhat fast. It looked like the CCFL back light tubes were failing on the monitor, or something was up with the inverter. Upon further inspection it was common bad caps issue. So if you have one of these, you're going to want two 820uF 25V caps and a 330uF 25V cap. You can see the bulging ones inside. C110 and C112 are two of them, the other is in between. I seem to recall similar issues with a different model Samsung that was donated to the lab, perhaps the power supply boards are the same. Faulty components from the manufacturer led to this issue.

Bad capz

Good Capz

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  1. I was about to scrap this thing too. Now it’s working like the day I bought it. Woot!

    • George,

      Looks like I experience the same problem with my Samsung LCD monitor. Can you tell me where I can buy/find these caps and is it difficult to replace them? Maybe is is easier to replace the whole monitor’s power supply?
      You can email me to pavels59@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance for your reply and recommendations.

  2. Can you tell me where I can buy/find these caps and is it difficult to replace them? You can email me to pavels59@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Radio Shack has the 3 capacitors, you want to work
      carefully, requires heating old capacitors on reverse side of mounting
      Then slip them out replacing with another new very same capacitor be sure solder cools only when a good solid solder connection has occured.
      Radio Shack has the capacitors in small drawers for sale, probably be less than 5 or 6 dollars for electronic parts at Radio Shack. I’ve done another monitor with same caps issues. The finished result of this fix is very cool. The one I fixed is in my home office running strong:)

  3. Hey I got one of these that’s in perfect working order, other than the screen is cracked, I took it apart the back-panel power etc all work. The thin film panel up front is cracked. I was wondering if you knew the part number where I could get a replacement from ? the little board attached to the thin lcd panel is m220z1-l01-x+c

  4. i have a 226BW, with same problems , been that way for a while. Is there any place to get the complete power supply board? I ask cause i think i let this one go to long cause i had no idea the problem was as simple as just a few capacitors.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  5. Digi-Key online site has them cheap. No one in the Seattle area carries them. Radio Shack and Fry’s didn’t carry them. The 820uF is not common –330uF is common .
    All 4 of the 820uF on my board are bulging.
    Fry’s said a number of people have been coming in asking for them. Seems they die after about 3 years of use..

  6. OK, I replaced all the caps. Monitor comes on now, but I get a pure white screen. Not sure what I screwed up. No cables unplugged. New caps are slightly bigger in size(taller), but still 820uF and 25v.
    Any ideas?

  7. I have similar problems. Just before throwing the monitor out, i decided to open the case and found 4 capacitors somewhat “bulged”. I thought this couldn’t be the reason but since you mention as the root of cause, I’ll desolder them and replace them. I’ll tell you the news within a couple of days.

  8. ok…
    just fixed it.I Could’t found 820μF Capacitors so i used 1000μF.
    I replaceed 4 x 820μF with 1000μF and 1 x 330μF. I can’t even believe that a bulged capacitor could cause such a serious damage!
    Total cost= 3 Euros.
    Thanks a lot

  9. How do I get the back off a gh22ws Samsung monitor?

  10. the monitor started flickering for several minutes when first turned on and the time started getting longer and longer duration – then it finally didn’t want to stop flickering – i thought it was the light bulbs until i found this thread –

    as soon as i read it i took the monitor apart and found the 3 caps bulging and went straight to radio shack

    same as panagiotis – radio shack did not have 820 but they had 1000 mf – and i had to buy a multi-pak of caps to get a 330 mf – they were 35 v but i replaced the two 820s with the 1000s and the 330 and the monitor is working great now – no more flickering –

    thank you very much

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