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Next round of projects

Posted by telmnstr

Now that the balloon launch is done and we were able to see some great results, it's time to start thinking about new projects. Matt C/Mark G and others have their simulator project going (and kudos to them for such great structure!) There has been a little talk among other members about starting some new projects.

UAV - Unmanned Ariel Vehicle. 757 Labs started developing an open source control program called OpenVulture. We could build a plane, run it on existing microcontroller platforms. We could fly OpenVulture with some work. We could work on building our own foam plane platforms.

ROV - Remote Operated Vehicles. Generally underwater exploration vehicles. We've also got some ideas on floating saucers that do underwater mapping, and some other neat ideas.

Interested? Have other ideas, or are interested in other things? Post on the mailing list!!

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