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Hackerspace vpn network

Posted by telmnstr

During my visit to FAMiLab space in Orlando, there was some talk of standing up some VPNs between spaces. I think this is an interesting idea, and think we should participate. But it raises a few issues regarding security. 757 Labs already has at least 4 separate networks, and I don't think it would be a good idea to introduce foreign traffic into any of them. But it would be possible to stand up a couple of new VPNs to help support the idea of a hackerspace network.

That talk with FAMiLab was a hostile network (for CTF type events) and a non-hostile network. I can see running some simple services on something small and low powered to contribute to the non-hostile network. Perhaps share video and audio content from our meetings and such. Any other thoughts on fun things that could be done with such a network?

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