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757 Labs Class: Intro to CAD Design & 3D Modeling Saturday Oct. 29th, 1:00-3:00pm

Posted by Beau

Several people have asked questions related to using Google SketchUp and/or AutoCAD (for solid modeling). The two applications vary quite a bit in what they can do as well as the tools and interfaces. If you are interested, this will be the first class (free and open to the public) regarding CAD and modeling and should provide you with enough knowledge to get started with your own designs.
Background for the unfamiliar:
  • SketchUp is a free (also a paid version) application that can be used for all kinds of design (think tiny or large) and has been used on several projects at the lab already. Base product being free, the integration to Google Earth and its simple UI make it attractive but do not let that fool you, it is powerful and can be extended using Ruby scripting. This software works on Windows and Mac only at this time. Download a free copy here.
  • AutoCAD is a paid application which is known as the most common CAD platform out there (closed source-wise). This is an industry standard type of application, and originally the flagship product from Autodesk. AutoCAD works on Windows and Mac only at this time. Download a 30 day trial here.
Class Expectations:
  • This will be a 2 hour session that will start with one product, give you the working basics, Q&A, etc.. then move to the other design package. Stories, insight and open dialogue.
  • At the conclusion of this you will be familiar with the applications to create and work with your own designs.
  • This will also tie into the next 3D Printer (Makerbot) and Laser Cutter sessions, once you can design your own items you can print prototypes and usable pieces.
  1. Both applications are available within the lab on the graphics machine if you do not already have a copy.
  2. There are quite a few other software packages available, this session will be dealing with only the two mentioned above. It does not mean that these are better or worse than any that you have heard about, learned or used.
  3. If time permits we will share an overview of another application, Autodesk 123D, currently in free beta.

This session is free and open to members and guests.