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Parking Update and Warning

Hello Everyone!

A slight update to the parking at the lab. As the building is now under new ownership, the new owner does not wish to honor the agreement we had with the previous owners with regards to parking. This means that we are no longer permitted to park on evenings and weekends in the large empty lot that is attached to the building. In addition, it is now towing enforced.

It's not too much to sweat as there is easy on-street parking around the lab in the neighborhood on Duke Street, Freemason Street and Bute Street. It's 2 hour parking Monday to Friday during the day but you can park in any spot at 6pm and you are good through the rest of the evening. Saturday and Sundays should be fine all day (just peek at the signs).

The York Street Garage moved to some sort of flat rate on weekends, will get details.

In the event you do get towed, we're sorry. The new towing signage from WBG Financial isn't up to city code, if that helps any.

In the meantime there is still lots of exciting things going on at the lab! Also we will be spooling up to support the upcoming M....faire Norfolk in October!

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  1. Why does the new owner’s have to be such a snob? I can understand if they have a business and they need the parking but it’s an empty lot, besides in the evenings most business are closed and on the weekends too. I guess some people just do not care about others.

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