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Our Second 3D Printer Enthusiasts Meeting, April 7th, 2012

Hello 757 Labs friends,

There has been a good influx of interest in 3D printers and related technologies in the past few months along with more members purchasing kits (RepRap variations, Makerbots, and talks of a couple PrintrBots in the area). So lets get together and share what we have and work on the ones that need some help or time to get up and running.

Date: April 07 , 2012
Time: 12:00 - 3:00 PM EST
Location: 233 W. Bute St. Norfolk, VA 23510 in the 757Labs Front Conference Area

3D Print of a Penny Bottle Opener

If you have an interest or want to see some 3D printers up close come on by. If you have a kit or a completed printer, bring it with you and let's share and contribute together!

NOTE: This event is open to the public, so come on out and join us!

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  1. Rplumley, thanks for the offer of help. I think we’ll polbabry have an “event” around printing parts for people once we get it. It would be great to have some more experienced folks come out and provide pointers (or trouble-shooting advice). Do you think we could come by and see your shop? We’ve done a couple tours of some local small manufacturers and those were lots of fun. Open3DP . This was the second-highest grossing kickstarter ever: $830,133.

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