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First 757 Labs Hackerspace Passport Stamp Granted!

Mitch Altman of the hackerspace Noisebridge in San Francisco made a large quantity of Hackerspace Passports and has been selling them at a remarkably low price. These neat little passports were created with the idea that hackerspaces could create stamps for them, and stamp the passports of visitors that come to their space.

On Saturday October the 22nd, 757 Labs had two visitors from the HacDc hackerspace in Washington, DC. ITechGeek and HaxWithAxe arrived around midnight after visiting the Fredricksburg, VA hackerspace. The good news is our members created a temporary stamp by laser etching wood and acrylic. The acrylic didn't absorb the ink well enough, but the wood version did the trick! ITechGeek is the first visitor to 757 Labs to receive a hackerspace passport stamp and 757 Labs is the first stamp in his passport. While the physical stamp is beta, it's the permanent design of our stamp.


Some great news is that Angus has cut the design on his engraver in real stamp rubber. He also improved the second layer stamp which wasn't ready yet, but is to be stamped in UV ink.

In the past, 757 Labs has welcomed visitors from Houston's TX/RX Labs, Freeside Atlanta, All Hands Active in Ann Arbor Michigan, The Cowtown Computer Congress in Kansas City, one visitor from the Netherlands, HacDC, and most likely some others. If you're coming to the area, feel free to drop us an email, jump on the public mailing list (link is over on the right), or join #hackerspace on irc.757.org to catch someone. We can easily accommodate any time/day.

In the future, for those participating with the hackerspace passports, we'll have stamps for you!

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