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Some new toys at the lab

In-counter barcode scanner has arrived and is setup for testing at the lab. This is for the self-checkout project. Erik has a dollar bill validator for us.  Info on the wiki:  http://www.757labs.org/wiki/Projects/selfcheckout

Our friend Lyman dropped off some older but fun toys for the lab, including two HID readers and some protocol converters. We've tested it, and we were able to read HID fobs and cards via RS232. This is going to be very useful! It will probably wind up as part of the lab's access control system.

Geoff dropped off a Motorola HC11 development kit. Bart in NYC gave us a Parallax Board of Education kit (Basic Stamp) and some accessories (along with other goodies.) While in NYC several of us bought some low cost arduino microcontroller development kits as well. In addition to the TI MSP430s that should be arriving. The lab is well stocked for microcontroller projects!!

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