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SCEPTRE X9g-Naga V Monitor Fix

Just a heads up, TJ troubleshot a dead19" LCD monitor that was donated to the lab and it's time to share the fix.

SCEPTRE X9g-Naga V, (Sceptre, x9g). Monitor would not power on (power LED would flash a few times I believe.)

The problem - two 1000uf capacitors located next to the transformer on the power supply board. Made with faulty components, swollen tops. Replaced them, works like a champ. Much thanks to Mark G for the monitor! Radio Shack (MacArthur Mall) actually had the parts.

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  1. GJ!

    How many electronic devices get tossed because of simple fixes?!

  2. Indeed! For a while, many electronic devices had faulty components (capacitors) that were the result of corporate espionage gone wrong in China. Most likely this monitor was made during that time.

  3. Pro. Two capacitors indeed. Side by side, the tops are domed instead of flat. I went to radioshack, bought a soldering iron and spent three bucks on capacitors

    Thanks a million for the lead guys. loving this new screen that was almost junk.

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