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The MakerBot Thing-O-Matic® 3D printer is a breakthrough in 3D printing technology. It is named the Thing-O-Matic® because it is an automatic 3D printer. All other 3D printers can only do one thing at a time while the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic® 3D printer prints thing after thing! This means that using the built machine we can design and manufacture/create using the printed materials available in the design and print area of the lab.

More details from Makerbot Industries


[edit] Current people trained and authorized to use

  • Ethan O'Toole
  • DJ Mad Mike
  • Kevin McKinley
  • Leroy Baynum
  • Jameson Dungan

[edit] What is the protocol for use

This is a specialty piece of equipment and is available for active members of the lab who have been trained to use. This keeps the equipment in good working order. It is a still a hobbyist type of machine and we do expect that it will need upgrades and normal fixes due to use. If you are not sure about anything or see something strange happening, stop immediately and let Beau know so he can help diagnose.

[edit] Getting Started Guide & Design Software Suggestions

Details on the software and tips on getting started with your design and software for use with the Makerbot in the lab

[edit] Printing With the Makerbot

Details on how to print with the Makerbot in the lab

[edit] Technical Details and Upgrades

[edit] Hardware

We are using the StepStruder MK6+ Upgrade

[edit] Software

Currently have ReplicatorG 25 installed for Windows using the connected graphics machine