757 Labs A Hackerspace in Hampton Roads, Virginia.


757 Labs 1.0 Completed.

With the close of October comes the closure of the first iteration of the 757 Labs Hackerspace. It was a killer spot, perhaps one of the better physical spaces on the east coast. We had visitors from as far away as New Zealand, Houston, Atlanta, Michigan, Kansas and many more. We submitted 3 entries into Art|Everywhere, one submission into the Red Bull Creation Contest, ranked in the top 5 of the hackerspaces in space balloon contest, saw a group go on to develop and iPhone app and participate in a local start-up accelerator and much much more. Perhaps something of a secret not understood by politicians or everyday people, 757 Labs was an attraction for the tech minded, the creative, and the curious.

Things change, and the owners that extended us the opportunity to use their empty space have moved on (uhh), loosing the building to a developer that is turning the building our space is in into "luxury" apartments. With this change, we've finally got an answer to what is going to happen with our space and this is not a bad thing. The limbo we were stuck in before seemed to take it's toll on the lab and projects, given the future uncertainty and delays in accepting new members. Further damage came when WBG Financial / Buddy Gaddams decided to ignore the lease that we were pressured to sign with him and move to end our occupancy early on October 31st, to move up their construction start for apartments. This move came on top of our efforts driving the first Mini Maker Faire (and Maker Faire in general) in the state of Virginia, as well as participation in the Ignite-HR event.

In the meantime, the equipment is in nice storage and we're taking a bit of a breather for a few. There were things that were good about 757 Labs 1.0, and there were things that were done wrong. On that experience it should be possible to do some things better with Lab 2.0.

New projects are still being forged and meetings are going on. Once 2013 hits it is likely that we will start looking out for spaces in case a large space that is affordable should exist. There is no determination yet as to where, although being the one that has conventionally signed the lease and paid portions of the rent not covered by member dues my theory is as always - near interstates and with parking.

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  1. I’d like to be the first to say Thank You for all the work you put in over the last few years, Ethan. I think the Lab succeed beyond anybody’s wildest expectations (I won’t say dreams, cuz you dream pretty big ;] ).

    Thanks again!

  2. I was really looking forward to joining your group:-(

  3. Ethan, you were the primary drive behind the lab. Sure, there were many other hands who helped out, but I know you dedicated uncountable dollars of your own accord to this effort. Not to mention, countless hours, and probably a few buckets of sweat, and probably a small plastic jar of urine. You definitely made the lab a priority in your life and risked sanity and a job to keep the place floating. Thanks so much.

  4. I didn’t learn about 757 Labs until near the end of 1.0, but what I saw was pretty cool and I definitely want to be a part of 2.0! Many kudos to all you guys!

  5. Looking for to 757Labs 2.0 and all the hard work put in by everyone.

  6. sad to hear this was looking forward to join this weekend. Maybe a residental spot would work like a nice sized house with a garage for the more industral stuff

  7. I just learned about you guys. I am really looking forward to joining when it is up an running again. If you need any volunteers to help get things going give me a shout.

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