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Weekend Recap (June 24-26), MADexpo

Over the weekend there was a good amount of activity at the lab.

From what I remember:

Fri : Ken stopped by and demoed his bar code scanner, which is capable of scanning the Virginia drivers licenses. My social security number is embedded on the back of my license, who would have known.

Other: Vex continued work on his custom tube guitar amplifier. It's looking sweet.

Steve helped with the assembly of the base frame for the new CNC router. Yes, we've been down this road before. This is going to be the one though! Not too big, not too small Just right. And made of aluminum extrusions and such.

Some new donations and new faces around the lab! Thanks to Mark G we might be on our way to getting the middle projection screen in use. A project to motorize it is on the mind. Also Justin gave us use of his Roku box, which is going to be integrated with the AMX automation system. The open development platform of this device is interesting.

Monday brought forth another busy night. Between Android developers meeting, ROV interest (and talk of 3d printing propellers), laser scanning an object using the MakerBot laser scanning software, there was no time to slow down!

Thursday and Friday we will have a table at the MADexpo in Hampton.

Saturday we will be at Art|Everywhere with the Rock Band Drum Circle and Laser Pong projects.


Vex's Guitar Amp Custom Speaker Cab:

Roku driving projector on middle screen (stability undetermined):


Note: Ethan did a bunch of research into some of the dead flat panel TVs at the lab and posted some stuff on the wiki. More information forthcoming, but problems have definitely been identified.

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  1. July? You guys time traveled? I missed that particular machine in the lab.

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