757 Labs A Hackerspace in Hampton Roads, Virginia.


Last Weekend…

Over the weekend the lab was once again busy. People were working on a project for the RedBull Creation contest. 757 Labs has a team:


The laser engraver came to life. Fully. And works. Vex's controller providing the power control between the computer and the laser. Soon will come a training class that will be required to operate the laser engraver. We need to build a case for it, and vent it, as well. Until then there will be limited to no use of it.


Art|Everywhere project is under way in a big way and will be finished later this week. Huge party on Granby Street to celebrate Art Everywhere on the 30th.

Lab still needs members, projects and participants! If you are interested in 757 Labs and what goes on, please drop us a line! More to come!

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