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Netgear JFS524 switch failure fix (no power)

A friend's church in Norfolk had a network switch failure after a power outage. Here is the quick fix to restore use to the Netgear JFS524 (24 port 10/100 unmanaged) network switches. Symptom was switch would not power on. Standard capacitor issue. There are two on the board, one was visibly swollen and bad. Values were 2200uF at 10 volts (failed cap) and 1000uf at 10 volts (good cap replaced anyway) I think. Check values before you order in case I'm wrong on the voltages, I didn't take notes and it might be 16 volt. As always observe the polarity of the replacement capacitors and referred replacement to someone who is familiar with electronics as it's on the board that has lethal voltages. Power supply board puts out around 3.3 volts at 4 amps or some such. Good luck.

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  1. Did you seriously just post this with no photos? :(

  2. I have the exact same issue with my netgear JFS524 (swollen 2200uF cap.), with the added frustration of a blown resistor … trouble is, because it’s blown, I don’t know what to replace it with. The resistor that has gone up in flames is located between the 2200uF cap and the 3.3v line-out… any chance you remember the details of that resistor? It would be greatly appreciated!

  3. I had a second look at it, and it’s not a resistor… it is glass and “31” appears to be written on it, so it is most likely a diode of some description… what do I replace it with?

  4. It is unnecessary(and unwise) to tinker with the Netgear JFS524 unmanaged switch because like other Netgear ProSafe range gear , it carries a lifetime warranty from Netgear . Netgear India replaced my two JFS524 which had failed similarly without any questions asked 5 years after purchase (am impressed with their service) . They also registered the new product serial numbers for continued lifetime warranty .
    With ProSafe range gear problems, please contact Netgear forthwith without tinkering with it .

    Pinaki .

    • I copied the below from Tom’s Hardware because it is exactly the same experience I had with the netgear warranty…..bogus…to say the least!

      jorge89 02-06-2011 at 07:36:14 PM .I purchased my wireless router back in October and one day it wouldn’t turn on at all when plugged in, I called technical support and after hours of getting transferred around someone decided to finally help me. I had to pay to have the defective unit shipped to them and waited a couple weeks to get the new one back, to my surprise it was also not working, this one will turn on for a few seconds and then turn back off, I had to call Netgear’s mediocre customer service again (well technically they don’t even have customer service, just technical support) after hours wasted someone told me I’d get a call back from customer service that same day, I didn’t. The next day (monday) I called them back, hours wasted again, some one told me that some one would call me for sure that day, they didn’t. The next day (Tuesday) I called again wondering why even bother, when I finally got a hold of someone that would actually talk to me they “promised” me they would send me a call back that day, and of course they didn’t. Netgear’s warranty is a scam, don’t buy Netgear if you read this, and I will post this in all technical forums I can find in Google. I actually posted this in Netgear’s forums first to see if anyone cared about the company’s image, well they do, instead of helping me they just deleted the post.

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