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Basic Soldering Class Held on Saturday, March 5 2011

Our first basic soldering class presented this past Saturday was a success -- meaning no fires were started, everybody learned a lot, and no one got burnt...much. Harold did an excellent job of explaining the basics, plus he provided slides and videos illustrating many good and bad examples.

About a dozen attendees were present, with many more showing-up later in the day to participate, even though the actual presentation was over. Items that got "fixed" via soldering included a back-light for a Cruis'n Exotica arcade game and a set of Koss headphones that previously had wire damage due to a mischievous pussycat.

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  1. The soldering class was awesome. Thanks again to Harold for putting it on.

  2. I wish I could have shown up…is there a video of the presentation?

    • Sadly there wasn’t a video of this class. We’re hoping to offer videos of our classes in the future as we’ve got a pretty good A/V setup going so check back in the future.

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