757 Labs A Hackerspace in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

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  1. !I’ll get my photoshop kids on it- i can make vinyl stickerz too w/ vectorized art filez!

  2. How about you actually hire a designer and barter for services, say a year free membership.

    There is no real incentive for anyone, other than “757Labs” because you get a free logo.

    You could always talk to a local design professor and get it assigned as “student project”

  3. @Bob This “contest” is mostly amongst our members. But, yes, we’ve also contacted local design firms and made some bartering offers to them.

  4. funk paying an artist – it’s all about having the satisfaction of doing something for an organization that is positive in the community….that hasn’t hacked into the ‘free’ amps from the overhead lines of the monorail yet. i have 2 designs but my stus are photoshopping them to get some cool effects. the unshopped ones i can make into stickers (vinyl) but the shopped versions will make cooler posters/ general logoness.

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