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AMX Automation System + LED lighting + IRC

The IRC bot that is running on the AMX controller can now pass commands from the IRC chat room (#hackerspace on irc.757.org) through to the LED lighting in the lab. The LED lights run on the DMX-512 protocol. The command to set the colors is "amxled #rrggbb" where rrggbb are hex values (0 to F). "amdled #FF0000" makes it red, "amxled#00FF00" makes it green, etc. This is identical to HTML color codes. The AMX DMX-512 controller fades in the new color over 1 second. Later I might spruce it up more with allow adjustment of the fade variable, but for now, it's rocking (as long as the bot is in IRC.) I plan to add speech synthesis to the AMX next. Enjoy!

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