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MIDI dabbling

On Friday last week a few lab members got together and toyed with electronic noise creating toys. It may become a regular meeting. Interested? Ping MarkG!

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  1. Hey Mark, I’d be interested in coming to one of your MIDI meetings. I have an assortment of gear and compose by ear (I don’t know what those squigly black things are in music books.) I don’t know if I can afford to be a member right now, but I’ve been meaning to check the place out and might have some gear I don’t use that I could contribute to the Lab. Sorry, I guess I’m not geeky enough to know what Ping MarkG means in this context, so I’m replying here. Consider yourself Pinged!

    • Jim: sorry for the late reply — I just saw your comment. You are certainly welcome to join us, and more so if you have some gear to bring along.

      I, too, can play by ear, though I have some classical training. Not that you could tell since I’m always out of practice. :) For now, the ‘MIDI meetings’ are for fun and just playing around. Eventually, I would like to get some more serious electronic music projects going.

      We are planning on meeting-up again at the lab this weekend (August 13 or 14, 2010) sometime in the evening. Others had discussed going out for dinner Friday night and then jamming afterwards, but there might be a movie screening that changes the schedule…

  2. This sounded pretty rad – sorry i missed it.

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