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Sanyo PLC-XU86 projector, PJLink, automation

A few weeks ago I noticed the Sanyo projector at the lab has to be switched to widescreen to properly show a movie. Since the projector implements PJLink, an open TCP communication spec for automation system control of projectors, I figured it would be possible to pass all the remote control options through the network from the AMX system to the projector. I was wrong. PJLink seems to only offer power on/off, input, and some bulb info.

The projector comes with a utility to control the projector from a PC called PJControl. Sounds like PJLink, but it's not. Sam helped, and we logged it using a winsock logger. Here is what it takes to control the aspect ratio from an automation system or other software. The protocol is a bit annoying, each command is sent on a new TCP session.

Connect on port 10605, send PS(CR), disconnect. Connect on port 10605, send "CF SCREEN WIDE(CR), and disconnect. If you want Normal 4:3, change the 2nd command to "CF SCREEN NORMAL(CR)"

Sanyo does publish a list of all the other control commands, but I don't have the link handy.

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