757 Labs A Hackerspace in Hampton Roads, Virginia.


757Labs Updates

Some random updates as to what is going on:
We've got 4 official members now! Soon possibly 5. This is great news and means there is hope for making it to year #2.

Python group has formed (meetup.com group) and will have first meet at lab on April 21st. CNC mill project has started. "Hackerspaces in space" high altitude balloon contest project underway, mailing list will be fixed shortly. Bug in online skill crane game with website, will be fixed shortly. Lab now has high quality foosball (might be time for electronic scoring system for it). TJ has done great things with plasma display using microcontroller. No environmental sensor network yet, but Skhisma and others working on it.

We had a visitor from Houston's hackerspace, Houston TX RX as well.

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