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[edit] TJ's member page

This is my page where I describe cool stuff I'm doing. If you see me at the lab not working on these, just smack me on the head and remind me of the cool stuff I'm just letting sit around, neglected.

This is a scan of an emergency escape route that conveniently serves as a floorplan

Scratch that, we get evicted in September, ownership change of the building and (in my opionion completely absurd) plans to turn wainwright into apartment buildings (Seriously, 10's of millions to brute force that thing to act like apartments). Know of a place we can crash our robot arm and supercomputer?

Scratch that, we actually got evicted in october, in violation of the lease agreement we had to sign with buddy gadams.

[edit] TJ's cool awesome project list

Project Name Description status
RavePOV Using a microcontroller and a pwm driver, make a platform for rave lights that can be mounted in a variety of ways, including glowsitck, poi, wrist mount, and knuckduster mounted leds. intended to be an RGB Persistence of Vision display, many other effects are possible with this. in progress
Open Sign Using a networked microcontroller, this will be a button to indicate that the lab is open via a custom led sign and possibly a widget on the front page of the lab planning
LED sign Took a mid-eighties green led scroller and slapped an arduino inside, in the hopes of streaming video to it. This is a rediculously complex hack however, as the arduino is taking over all of the display driving tasks as well as managing serial input, a function the arduino just isn't able to handle if it was coded using Wiring. AVR GNU toolchain FTW. finished
InvisiFrogger Took the old school game Frogger and cracked it to include custom text, among other things. Ethan found a cool tool to help edit the sprite roms, removing the frogs. Got showcased at Magfest 2011. finished
Xbox 360 DVD swap Swapped out a defective DVD drive in an xbox 360, and since its not signed with the system, the drive will not play games. swapping the firmware to solve this. indefinite hold
Foosball scoreboard Implementing a scoreboard to the foosball table using 7-seg displays and an avr chip. simple, so im challenging myself to write the whole code in assembly. indefinite hold
Collect garbage I have a strange, irrational fascination with old computers, and will happily accept donations of old servers, workstations, or other computers for me to hoard and play around with, and perhaps put to some kind of esoteric use. always welcome
ARM presentation I was supposed to gather together an ARM presentation to show the lab the true amazingness of the ARM architecture and why it should replace every processor ever. It will be done at an Hrgeeks II meeting sometime indefinte hold
AVR lessons Because of my profound experience with the AVR architecture, I was motivated to creating a set of lessons to help people get familiar with the Arduino and other AVR platforms. It may end with a tutorial on the GNU toolchain for AVR, and simple tips that will prevent you from banging your head against walls the way ive done for months indefinite hold

[edit] links

Im going to list a few useful links I come across here, I may end up maintaining this religiously, or I may set it and forget it. The world is a chaotic place!

Verilog Tutorial

FPGA designers curriculum Free Altera training

AvrLibc manual

electronics logo list

74xx series chips

4xxx series chips

SMD adaptors!!!

Thoroughly amazing, concise electronics book

LadyAda's list of electronics distributors

Wikibooks x86 Assembly, great resource for learning more about PC hardware and booting operating systems

The Venerable Ralf Brown's interrupt list, a list of bios routines to run a dos compatible PC

stm32F4 with linux

GPS buying guide

Good electronics tutorial site

Looks like a good circuit simulator, havent tried it though

cool trick to expand input into one pin

Embedded Related, an embedded electronics forum and blog

Electro-Tech-Online, an ancient and still active electronics forum

AVR Freaks, a large forum centered on the AVR microcontroller line


Linux on AVR (not what you think it is!)

Olimex's list of PCB design software

A pdf with standard resistor values

An answer to a simple question that explains a lot and references some standard books

volatile keyword, and its importance in AVR interrupts

Security attacks on microcontrollers

Introduction to wire-bonding

Excellent AVR assembly site

Making mac not suck

A really in depth look at windows APIs and specifically WinRT

MIT course on operating system development

Incredible Cornell course on Microcontrollers, focusing on AVR

[edit] Vendors and Manufacturers List

My poor head cant remember all the great electronics vendors and manufacturers out there, and ladyada's list is incomplete. I will spam a list here

[edit] Vendors

Goldmine Electronics
Great for when you are too lazy to salvage but want a shit ton (metric) of cheap components. great loot from time to time. Feels like christmas when a shipment comes in from them.
MCM electronics
cheap electronics and tools.
Digikey, mouser, arrow, jameco, Allied
The big vendors that ship bulk orders of specified electronics. standard vendors with massive stock
These guys have smd breakout boards
they mainly make compilers and development boards, but also sell a good amount of hardware agnostic breakout boards for communications, power, storage, etc
these guys get their stock from surplus, salvage, or EOL components, sometimes get some interesting, esoteric stock.
Adafruit, sparkfun, seeedstudio
Hobbyist electronics shops, catering to the arduino crowd. cool stuff from time to time, but has the capacity to overprice stuff.
Traitor of the hobbyist electronics world, often sells components at 10x markup and carries small stock and little documentation. only useful for lazy or emergency purchases of only the most common components and tools.

[edit] Manufacturers

Texas Instruments
Always makes cool chips, MSP430 extremely low power microcontroller, TI's wireless, some good analog, wireless, and audio chips. acquired National Semiconductor recently. vowed to support all old technology ICs.
Analog Devices
ST microelectronics
best known for AVR, decent low power, general purpose microcontrollers found in the ubiquitous Arduino. Also makes memories and capacitive touch screens. Main competitor against microchip. AVR is one of the best supported embedded architectures by GCC, and one of the few microcontrollers that is reasonable to develop for without the use of an IDE. also has massive community support, including all arduino sites and
best known for ubiquitous PIC microcontrollers, also sells memories.

attempting to push PIC32 microcontroller, but seems to be staggering in support.

shot off from philips, best known for LPC ARM microcontrollers, very common, successful line of arm chips.
FPGA, CPLD, and asic vendor. powerful software suite and offers a lot of training for digital design and use of FPGAs. Used to be dominant FPGA vendor, now has about 34% market share, under Xilinx's 51%.