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[edit] Things to do

This page is a compilation of things that have to be done around the lab, but aren't explicit projects that are being worked on. This includes stuff like painting, furniture that needs to be gotten or set up, systems that need to be put into place, and time consuming (eww) tasks that need to get done.

(not to be confused with the Projects List)

[edit] The list

This section is a direct mirror of the dry erase board next to the mac in the center of the lab. Anything added here will go on the board, anything added to the board will go here. TJ is going manage this and try his best to keep up to date with it. Email him at to request something to be added. you can also just simply add stuff yourself. TJ will see the change and do stuff accordingly.

  • finish implementing teleconference stuff
  • outfit fridge with snacks
  • set up comprehensive donation/loan log for stuff given to the lab
  • outline a generic documentation layout for projects
  • define a comprehesive, standard method for adding members
  • Plasma tv IRC scroller/lab monitor
  • get the cray online
  • set up framework to be able to host a lan party
  • finish the checkout system
  • paint the headbanger upstairs
  • rolling tool chest
  • set up 757labsOpen to be activated by amx
  • Electronics workshop
    • dedicated soldering station
    • dedicated testing station
    • cleanup rules
  • Member storage system
    • each memebr gets a storage bin
  • weekly cleanup of lab
    • spend a day each week going picking clutter up
  • fix crane machine
  • install telephone