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The heart of the 757 Labs are our projects. At any given time we may have dozens of projects going on. Members are allowed and encouraged to start their own projects or feel free to offer to assist others with their projects. If you would rather keep your project private, that is fine too. The benefit of working on your project at 757 Labs is our members have knowledge in countless areas that you may know nothing about. When you feel you have a lack of understanding in a subject, find another member that is an expert or may be able to point you in the right direction. In addition to our wealth of knowledge, we have the physical space you may need to finally create that giant killer robot you've always wanted.

This is a list of our current projects, past projects and ideas for future projects.


[edit] Active Projects

See New Projects for a current list of active projects.

[edit] Completed Projects

Name Description Contact
Vizio TV Service Port Information on Vizio TV RJ-11 service port Ethan
Rock Band Drum Circle Rock Band game controller to MIDI via Python Ethan, DaveC
Art Everywhere 2 Hidden Norfolk project for Art Everywhere 2 Group
Ardunio LED Scroller Retrofit 12' LED sign with new controller (Arduino) TravisJ
Retrofit old laser engraver Custom controller for 25 watt CO2 laser engraver ChrisH
AMX IRC Bot IRC bot that runs on AMX automation controller Ethan
4x4x4 LED cube LED cube (4x4x4) - video TravisJ, KyleK
Atari ST (TT030) hard drive installation Replacement of Atari ST TT030 hard drive Ethan
Internet Connected Slot Machine IGT Slot Machine connected to the internet KyleK
InvisiFrogger Frogger arcade game ROM cracked to remove the frog and include custom text; premiered at MAGFest 2011 TravisJ
Hackerspaces in Space 2011 First high altitude balloon contest entry Harold
libsheap A simple heap analysis tool - Sheap Helps Examine Allocated Pointers MattD
Skeebot Modified skee ball machine for Shmoocon hacker arcade Ethan
mp3nema An MP3 analysis, data capturing, and data hiding utility MattD
pdfresurrect  PDF analysis and scrubbing utility MattD
OpenVulture Open source UAV flight control software Ethan
D-Link DKVM (PDF) D-Link DKVM-8E & DKVM-16 password reset instructions Ethan
Internet Skillcrane  Internet-controlled skill crane game Ethan
Postal Truck Customized ex-US Postal truck w/ 5 computers & 72" display.
Published MAKE Magazine 08, November 2006!
AVIC-Honda (PDF)  Honda steering wheel controls to Pioneer aftermarket stereo Ethan
HOPE Video Networks Video streaming and recording for the HOPE conference series Ethan

[edit] Discontinued / Inactive Projects

Name Description Contact
Sonic Sensor Pad Touchless sensor for glass windows etc.. that allow computer control for menu selection. Harold
Racing Simulator A driving / racing simulator (video game) MarkG, MattC
Hackerspaces in Space 2012 Second high altitude balloon contest entry MattG

[edit] Project Ideas

Visit New Projects for a list of ideas.