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To see the projects that have been completed, visit Projects On going maintenance and updates of completed project information goes under the completed Projects page, while new things being developed and ideas being formed go here.


[edit] Active Projects

Name Description POC
Con media management system System for recording/streaming/information at conventions Ethan Matt
Scanning electron microscope Cambridge Stereoscan S200 repair ChrisH, Adam, Ken
Vertical hydroponic garden Vertical hydroponic garden Beau
Kelvin water dropper Kelvin water dropper David
Arcade power management system MAGFest power management system Ethan
VoIP Low-powered computer running Trixbox with VoIP phones and an ATA box soon to include Cisco phones. Ethan, MattG
8000 Lumen Lantern A lantern capable of emitting 8000 lumens using a massive multi-die LED Derek
Membership manager software Badly needed software to track billing/payments/membership Leroy
RFID Front Door Lock Needed to control access to the Lab and to track usage Ethan
Solar steam engine A solar collector that focuses sunlight on a pipe to create steam Steve
6-axis robot arm American Robot 6-axis robot arm Nathan, Harold
Headbanger warning Motion sensor warning as you approach the beam at the top of the stairs Beau
AVR foosball scoreboard Outfit the lab foosball table with a scoreboard system using microcontroller TJ
CNC mill Build a CNC mill for the lab Ethan
Refrigerator monitor Monitoring unit for True brand fridge Ethan
Circuit board fabrication Find the fastest and most accurate way to make PCBs ChrisH
Self-checkout POS system Simple self-checkout for drinks at the lab Ethan, Geoff
Arcades and pinballs Restoration and repair jobs on gaming machines Ethan, MattC, MikeB
RTS & CtF versus A gaming event of RTS players with CtF intervention Geoff
Cray J932SE system Getting the Cray J932SE system online Ethan
Laser pong game Pong projected by laser using Norm's Laser Show FSX1 board MattC
Underwater ROV Underwater ROV project DaveF
Airborne UAV Airborne UAV and ground based unmanned vehicles Ethan
Nexus NX3702 TV repair Nexus NX-3702 repair Ethan
Solar TEG Solar Thermoelectric Generator / Alternate Energy Harold
Solar Cell I-V I-V Curve Tracer Circuit for Solar Cells Harold
MOSFET Driver Circuits Discussion and sample circuits for driving LED's etc. Harold
8x8x8 Cube V.1.2 8x8x8 Blue Cube... MattG
Documentary video Documentary of the history & projects of 757 Labs presented in DVD format Ethan, Harold, MarkG
Miscellaneous electronics repair Repair of various electronics donated to lab -

[edit] Discontinued / Inactive Projects

See Projects for a full list of completed and inactive projects.

[edit] Project Ideas

Name Description POC
Side Scan Sonar Open source side scan sonar system Ethan, ?
O2 Analyzer Oxygen analyzer kit Ethan
Packet Sniffing 101 Introduction to packet sniffing Toxicboy
Electronic Music House band that occasionally jams for fun & will eventually try to record 'open source' music or submissions for 757 Radio MarkG, Ethan, DJ Mike, others welcome
Trinity College Fire-Fighting Home Robot Contest Enter in the Trinity College Fire-Fighting Home Robot Contest Almost_There
757 Labs Spy Plane RC plane retrofitted with a video camera and other sensors, possibly with a virtual reality headset with head-tilt sensors to control altitude, banking, and camera panning; or add some UAV capability Almost_There
Mini Wave Glider We should make a mini wave glider; a scaled down version of Liquid Robotics' Autonomous Wave Glider and have it autonomously cruise up and down the east coast (or if we're really brave, cross the Atlantic) Almost_There
Virtual 757 Labs OpenSimulator host with a virtual 757 Labs Almost_There

[edit] Projects on Board

Attempt to free dry erase board space and include the big list of random project ideas. When we work on them or put any serious consideration into them, they will be converted to the project tables above.

(not to be confused with the To-Do List)

  • motorized wheelchair with audio system and computer displays
  • audio modem dealing with data played from an mp3 player
  • TV-B-GONE over IRDA
  • hand crank regulated power supply
  • fire-mans helmet heads up display
  • lab floor turned into a giant chess game
  • wireless camera on an RC car
  • IRC bot to access lab stats
  • "quick glance" non-moving POV displays
  • Rube Goldberg machine
  • command line PDF viewer
  • microwave dead-mans switch; you must stay at the microwave
  • IC datasheet database, since they can be so hard to find; setup on the fileserver