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The Lab is a private space in which members pay monthly dues. Membership to the core group requires that we know you beforehand. If you’re interested in joining, come get to know us. We have a bunch of public events like hack nights and provide space for a couple of other groups. Come and learn, share what you’re working on, and meet other members.

What You Get!

  • Access inside the lab 24/7.
  • Access to the lab to host meetups (if you schedule ahead, within reason, related to mission of the lab).
  • Use of lab-owned and some member-loaned tools.
  • Access to the lab's parts swap bin.
  • The joy of knowing you're helping your local hackerspace.


We need about 30 members to sustain the lab. If we do not meet this goal, the lab will go away. At the time of this writing (May 2012) we have started to gain members through a membership drive, with space still available. This is key in sustaining the lab as a community resource.


For current Payment info visit here

Current key holding membership rate is $50/month. With 30 members, we meet our current monthly costs. At some point we may adopt a "staving student" model, at this time we only have one tier for membership.

Monetary donations are also appreciated if you are not able to be a full member or would like to do more.

The current paypal address is "". This is 757Labs Offical paypal address that is tied to 757Labs bank account

If you wish to pay by check, that is great. If you wish to pay several months in advance, that makes it easier especially when dealing with checks.