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[edit] 757 Labs Computer Systems

[edit] Lab Servers, Systems, Hardware

For anyone to mess with and explore

  • NetApp Filer
  • IBM RS/6000 #1
  • Sun Netra
  • Cisco 1700
  • Cisco ?
  • More to be added

[edit] Production Servers

Please do not touch without talking to person responsible.

Uranus (Lab server)

  • Every lab member gets an account on this system

Media Computer (Media Server)

  • Ubuntu server for streaming video
  • 1u rackmount, right most relay rack
  • Tied to extron crosspoint switch outputs Audio5 and Video5
  • See it's page

[edit] Workstations

The desktops around the lab

  • Windows XP Workstation (on desk near couch)
    • PuTTY/pscp/Firefox
    • AMX Tools
      • NetLinx Studio (IDE)
      • TouchPanel Designer 3 and 4 (Doodle app for touchscreens)
      • IREdit (Infrared remote command editor)
    • Arduino Tools
  • Apple iMac G3
    • Firefox
    • OS X 10.4 PPC (I think)
  • Sun Sparcstation 5
    • SWS for Cray J932SE
    • Has Cray stuff on it
  • that terrible computer in work area
    • Its currently debian
    • TJ set it up
    • has all the comfortable implements of yesterdecade, including slow boot!
  • Back room workstation
    • EMC CNC mill control software
    • Came from Ubuntu live CD
    • Left room to setup machine to dual boot
  • Polaris