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List of various types of equipment located in the Lab.


[edit] Kitchen like

[edit] Tools

  • Normal hand tools
    • Standard screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, sockets
    • Hammers
    • Corded drills
    • Several saws (for member use only)
    • Drill press (for member use only)
  • Electronics tools
    • Soldering Irons
    • Vacuum driven de-soldering tools
    • 20mhz analog oscilloscope
    • 500mhz digital oscilloscope
    • bus pirate and 16 channel logic analyzer (computer driven)
    • bench power supplies
  • Specialty Equipment
  • In the works
    • 30" x 60" CNC router
    • 6 axis American Robot Merlin robot arm

[edit] Computing Power

  • Cray J932SE
  • IBM RS/6000 B50 (two)
  • Sun V100 1u server
  • Several other x86 64bit PC systems
  • Network Appliance Filer
  • Various smaller old laptops
  • Various Cisco switches and routers
  • Various other network components
  • We have access to lots of enterprise grade hardware

[edit] Audio/Video Gear

  • Main presentation recording setup
    • Computer equipped to record 7mbps MPEG2-TS (DVD quality)
    • Multiple pan/tilt/zoom cameras for presentation recording
    • Touchscreen interface for cameras
    • VGA to composite scaler for presentation recording
    • Wireless microphone system for presentation recording
    • Audio level compressor/limiter for presentation recording
  • Projection setup for main meeting area
  • 12x8 A/V composite matrix switch for routing
  • 8x4 VGA matrix switch
  • SVHS/VHS deck, Beta/SuperBeta deck, DVD player
  • XBox running XBMC for most lab A/V needs
  • Multiple volume controls for different areas of the lab
  • Other devices usable for projects
  • Full control via AMX system