[757labs] Asterisk @ the lab

fister at skullfuckers.org fister at skullfuckers.org
Wed Sep 14 15:39:24 EDT 2011


I have seen laptops idle under 10 watts with no load and display off.

You don't need as much power as a P4 if you aren't doing a lot of mixing 
or echo cancellation.  You should try the box you have and see how it 
works under load.  It will probably pass lots of simultaneous ulaw 
calls.  It might stumble on a large conference (lots of mixing); or if 
you need to use a codec for some reason (cpu intensive); or you may find 
that you can't pass 16kHz audio reliably.

OpenWRT has asterisk packages if you need a lightweight, easy install. 
Just use opkg/ipkg to add after install.

The last rev of FreePBX staged itself pretty easily on Centos 5.  I 
think this is the fastest way to get a new box passing calls.  The 
packages I need for telephone support happen to be in another repo. 
Your polycom stuff might drop in the same way.
Of course you'll be using Asterisk 1.8 now.

On 14:59, telmnstr at 757.org wrote:
> So I tried to load Asterisk on a VIA itx based SFF that was loaned to
> us. It was setup with Asterisk originally but a custom version sold by
> the hardware vendor, which is undoubtably old.
> I hate to stand up a full computer just to run Asterisk. I was
> thinking of trying to hunt down something like a P4 laptop with a
> broken screen.
> Would this be more power efficient than running it on a desktop
> computer with just a mobo/hard drive/low end graphics?
> I've never really compared desktop versus laptop in power consumption.

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